Glass + Metal.

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René Roberts creates a unique blend of photography and metal in her champlevé enamel work, and brings the coastal landscape to her electroformed copper sculpture

Glass and Metal

Two pieces from my recent “Salt Point” series are included in “Alchemy 5”, an international enamel exhibit sponsored by The Enamelist Society, and in which I was honored to be awarded First Place for wall work. On November 23, 2019, the exhibit opens at the Tacoma Museum of Glass, where it will be shown until April 2020.

The Center for Enamel Art has also featured my photographic champlevé process in a recent blog post.

I’m a California coastal native, exploring the tidal landscape with electroformed copper and the difficult enameling technique of champlevé. My original medium was glass, but later I branched into metals, with photography always present as an avocation. Now I work with several materials, combining glass, metal, fire and photography to create pieces that are ambiguous and often appear to be visual hybrids. Whether my work is seen close up or from a distance, I want it to evoke a sense of mystery, to suggest alternate realities that are as elusive as the ever-changing tideline.

“Salt Point Tafoni #5”, champlevé enamel on copper, 8” x 8”

“Salt Point Tafoni #5”, champlevé enamel on copper, 8” x 8”

“Warming Trends”, electroformed copper on Coralline algae, with patinas, 7” x 5”

“Warming Trends”, electroformed copper on Coralline algae, with patinas, 7” x 5”

I call myself a mad scientist at heart, an alchemist in love with color, imagery, and the lure of unpredictable materials. The question “What if…?” can sometimes only be answered with tenacious experimentation, and by chasing results that ignore conventional rules and technical “impossibilities”.

I grew up on an ocean beach that changed with each tide, each season. Everything around me was somewhat unpredictable, governed only by storms and cycles of the moon. Glass and metal have many changeable forms that are metaphors for this environment. They have ephemeral qualities that I like to explore, inspired by water, sand, erosion, geological forces. Things that wash ashore and tug at memory. Remnants of other times, other lives.

My website is both a gallery of my work and a place I share various techniques. Welcome!