Glass + Metal.

About my enamels

How my work evolved into glass on a copper surface

About my enamels

Enamel is powdered glass, formulated to adhere to metal and melt at about 1500° in a kiln. Although it has slightly different working properties, it’s still bound by all the technical principles that are unique to glass.

I’d already worked with glass for over 20 years when I switched to working with enamels in 2002. I wanted to combine the magic of glass with my landscape photography obsession. I use photo etched copper to accomplish this, combined with a couple of ancient enameling techniques, champlevé and basse-taille.

In a continuation of the work I did in the torch with glass, I also experiment with ways of coloring the surfaces of enamels using various metal foils.

The natural forms of the landscape are usually always present, in imagery or with shapes, patterns and colors that seem universally familiar. Click on the images below to see my enamel work.